Curtis Street

Curtis Street is no ordinary hometown street in America. It lives and breathes on Florida's Treasure Coast. Not a corner of excitement like the French Quarter, or where passers-by come inside to see a gallery, eatery, or look at art, but if it was, that's what they'd see. This is where my home resides, where... Continue Reading →

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A Curtis Street Christmas

It was this story about two years ago that my fiance came over for dinner and a movie. The Christmas tree was decorated and lit up the living room, the couch ever so cozy and we both had warm friendly Christmas spirit. A Peaceful Night indeed. Unbeknownst to me she unplugged the timer to the... Continue Reading →

Am I Crazy Or What? I dare you.

Introduction December 5, 2017 I had the great Idea that it would be fun to take an acting class. I found there is opportunity, thanks to the internet. A local theatre is auditioning for experienced and non-experienced actors. Stage experience or non-stage experience. Last night I was acting and dancing in my living room, it... Continue Reading →

Changing Gears

Neutral in your car gets you nowhere unless you're on a downward roll. That's right, a downward roll. I think I'd rather be moving in an upward motion. I woke up one day and found myself coasting.  I worked hard to get where I am and yet I was coasting, it happens. Creating my life... Continue Reading →

The Hesburgh Stamp

By David Morgan INTRODUCTION This is a true story how the Rev. Father Theodore Hesburgh saved my father's life while attending Notre Dame University in the early 1950’s. My father is Gerald Morgan but everyone knows him as Jerry, he graduated from Notre Dame in 1953. Father Hesburgh (b.1917 - d.2015)  was a longtime president... Continue Reading →

A Scene from “A Brief Escape”

Characterization: The scene from "A Brief Escape" is after Sophia and Jon, the main characters in my novella (a work in progress) escape a chase by Jack Crawford and the drunken conductor, whom I haven't named yet. Victor, the Mariachi player, helps them get away. The scene starts after they arrive at a Villa in... Continue Reading →

A Scene from “The Chase is On”

As I work on my novella I find that I am introducing characters in odd ways and then incorporating an element of surprise when they appear again. This time with purpose. Here is another snippet of the novella. It's small. "I don't want to give too much away!" Sophia was racing up the spiral staircase.... Continue Reading →

Let Go That Kite!

It was a Sunday afternoon. Me and a buddy were on the beach enjoying all the scenery that it had to offer. The waves and sounds, the surfers, fishermen casting and hooking, pelicans swooping down into the water quickly making their fill. A relaxing site as we peeked around. We sat and shared some funny... Continue Reading →

A Scene On The Train

A snippet from a novella that started as a blog but I just kept writing. Sophia and Jon are the two main characters and in this scene they are on board a train to . . . a city in Europe... Enjoy!   People moved about freely. Our conductor arrived to check our passports. A... Continue Reading →

Writers of the World

Recently, I joined the Facebook group called Creative Writers which is quickly climbing to 10,000 members. A great group with questions, insight and helpful tips about writing. A place to share stories and blogs, to get noticed and feedback. It was two days ago someone made a simple post "Everyone, where are you from? Just... Continue Reading →

Melody Lane Is Not Just Music

The beautiful part of writing on WordPress is I can do it from anywhere. I had to go to the beach this morning to take a few photos and enjoy the blue sky and blue waters. Fisherman were out throwing nets, poles were up and fish were jumping. People were walking and standing enjoying the... Continue Reading →

A Few From My Snapshot Gallery

I compiled a few photographs that I like to call art, that instill a sense of peace. The purpose is meant to help beautify the world and express the feeling of the moment in which I captured it. "Art is a fruition of man's dreams come true".  Enjoy the photos. "Jammin' Jensen" A night on... Continue Reading →

How do we get rich?

How Do We Get Rich? I was awakened by the phone. My body achy as I had tossed and turned the night before but I felt the warmth of Mary laying beside me. It was Alarm. I had to go. I threw on some clothes. I couldn't find the keys so I grabbed a bike.... Continue Reading →

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