Do you like to turn up the volume on the TV?

“Do you like to turn up the volume on the TV?” I saw that question in a post on LinkedIn this morning. It was only a one liner and it caught my attention. My comment: “Do I like it? Well it makes me have to find the remote. I cut the chord along time ago.” Millions of Americans live their lives ordering cable, cancelling cable, finding promotions and then after settling for the “right” package, turn on the cable TV and spend time clicking the up and down arrow button, the channel arrow button trying to find the right show? That was me. I cut the cable chord years ago, six years in fact. That was a gift to myself, I didn’t know it at the time.

This picture looks like my living room on “Curtis Street”. It does have that vintage look. And look at the TV. Look at the bathroom. This depicts what TV is all about and I don’t care for dumping a ton of money into channel surfing. So what do i do with all that new time I have for myself? I discovered my back porch. I found a new habit of enjoying my back porch reading, art and writing. For the last six years I have been keeping a journal of my life and gratitude for all the abundance I have. Not monetary abundance but life’s gifts that i see all around me. I made choices, one was happiness, yes happiness. I chose happiness in my life. And it is a choice. I can complain, I can waste time chasing “more stuff” or i can choose to look inside me, understand intuition, look at where I am and where I want to be. I choose to find solutions instead of focusing on problems. Six years I’ve been writing a journal and it has become food for the soul. Years ago I would to read to my two sons, a book by Rudyard Kipling, “Just So Stories”, a children’s book of magical adventures. I found that reading to someone else brings me joy. My two boys have grown into fine men and what I didn’t know then that have found to be true is reading to children creates an active imaginative mind and they in turn develop a want to read.

I still like to read aloud when ever I can. Recently I read the book “Under Milkwood” by Dylan Thomas, the famous Welsh Laureate, poet and inventor of Voice Plays. The book is a play and I sat on the couch one Saturday and read it to Mary. I played every character and Mary laughed and laughed as it is a comedy. On my back porch we spend time reading, sometimes to each other aloud, we laugh, we learn. I turn to gratitude in my life as there are times when life throws that curve-ball and I realize that this too will pass but I write it.

I believe writing with my hand onto a leather bound journal is speaking from my heart and instills peace and happiness. I save my journals so I can read up on life as it happened all those yesterdays and realized I have learned, I have grown and it becomes easy to say “Life is Beautiful”



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