A Few From My Snapshot Gallery

I compiled a few photographs that I like to call art, that instill a sense of peace. The purpose is meant to help beautify the world and express the feeling of the moment in which I captured it.

“Art is a fruition of man’s dreams come true”.  Enjoy the photos.

 "Jammin' Jensen"
 A night on the town in Jensen Beach Fl.


"Sunrise over Jensen"
 I have many many sunrise shots. This is just one.


  "A frog in a rose"
Taken one morning in front of my house as I was leaving for work. I was locking the front door, this tiny frog, the size of a dime, caught my eye. I tipped toed back inside and grabbed my camera.


 Shooting out the window of a flight from West Palm Beach to New York. We had just taken off from West Palm and we made a sharp left turn heading north. While looking down out the window, I snapped my camera.


 Gliding into La Guardia Airport, after a little snooze, I could see Manhattan in my view finder.


 "Two Guys from Fort Pierce"
 I couldn't help notice the amazing blues eyes of this guy. Taken at a Fort Pierce festival one Saturday afternoon.


 "Another Sunrise"
 I have many many sunrise shots. This is just another.

All Photos by David Morgan (c) 2017

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