Melody Lane Is Not Just Music

The beautiful part of writing on WordPress is I can do it from anywhere. I had to go to the beach this morning to take a few photos and enjoy the blue sky and blue waters. Fisherman were out throwing nets, poles were up and fish were jumping. People were walking and standing enjoying the moment. Others like me were snapping the moment.

Driving home I took a route that brought me to downtown Fort Pierce. The marketplace, the arts and crafts, the entertainment was set up on Melody Lane as like every Saturday morning. Melody Lane is on Florida’s inter-coastal waterway in Fort Pierce. With an urge to write, to continue a story I’m writing,  I thought it’s a long way to Curtis Street to get my laptop and drive back. “By the time I get back I’ll be pretty tired” and the spontaneity will be over. At that very thought I remembered “The Library is right there on Melody Lane!”

I toured the event and Listened to a guy playing solo and singing some good ‘ole tunes and ate a Monterrey and chicken wrap. The marketplace had more than it’s share of tropical sweets which gave a site like a New York autumn. I met a young couple that stood out to me. The girl looked like she was about to pop, yep pregnant with a tattoo dead center on her belly. Her husband and she were talking and laughing on the bench. I walked over and said “nice tattoo”! she gave me a smile and said “thank you”! I laughed and said “I really meant congratulations, to both of you! My daughter-in-law is expecting soon as well”. “This is our first and we are real excited.” What a happy couple they are, continue to laugh and talk. They asked me “do you have any words of wisdom?” I looked at them and said “continue laughing and always encourage each other”.

I asked for a snapshot for my blog and they said “Yes! please do”. I walked away with a great feeling, part of a beautiful day and I’m here at the Library on Melody Lane finishing up this little story. I knew I had an urge to write.

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