Writers of the World

Recently, I joined the Facebook group called Creative Writers which is quickly climbing to 10,000 members. A great group with questions, insight and helpful tips about writing. A place to share stories and blogs, to get noticed and feedback.

It was two days ago someone made a simple post “Everyone, where are you from? Just out of curiosity 😀 I’m from Denmark!”  I responded to it. Easy, I thought. All I did was type seven simple letters “Florida”. A day went by and I kept getting Facebook notifications on my phone that “so and so” and “so and so” commented on the post. I opened the post after two days and people were posting from their corner of the world: Denmark, Italy, Pakistan, California, Toronto, Nepal, India, New York, UK, Sudan, Israel, Germany, Florida, Canada, Myanmar, Morocco, Philippines, Uruguay, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Warri Nigeria, Las Vegas, plus others. Wow! All over the world. So many cultural people in one group all with one common passion, writing!

I posted again but this time a little differently, “Florida, I’m posting again. Writers of the world unite! Impressive“. I noticed a post,  “Nepal”. I thought to my self, then said it aloud, “Nepal, I would love to go to Nepal.” I explored the profile and found beautiful photos of people wearing traditional wardrobe and a young woman wearing a pair of light colored jeans and a Sponge Bob tee shirt and in the background the Himalaya mountains.

Sponge Bob tee shirt? From Nepal? Awesome. I compared it to my own profile of me wearing a Pink Floyd tee shirt with the Atlantic Ocean in the background. “We are alike? we are the same?” We do have a common interest, we like to write. I realized that people in this group are writers from around the world and are connected through a simple yet exciting Facebook group, sharing, helping and guiding each other. We are all alike yet we are all unique. Unique we are and unique I am as my tag line says, “Normal is just a setting on the washer machine”!

Then the question came to mind, “what if?” Imagine; “What if all our world leaders were connected through a Facebook group?” Would they share? Would they offer solutions, offer guidance and help? Imagine they would. Imagine our world leaders would speak from their heart and not their egos. Imagine they could work with each other, to find the same common passion of leading a country? For the people? To end war, to end the violence? Would terrorism dissolve?

I bet there are a few leaders out there with a Pink Floyd or a Sponge Bob tee shirt in their household.

If a group of writers from different corners of the world can come together and offer encouragement, advice and just plain ‘ole get along, then I ask “Why couldn’t our leaders?”

You! The reader. . .  What do you think?




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