When I was a teenager in New York I had a strange urge to write on the side of a building using spray paint. I look back today at that and I find the same urge but to put on paper. I would get arrested right now if I would write “Graffiti. But as a kid, that was the adventure, to make my mark. I often dream of putting down the words from my thoughts at a coffee shop and a day will come that folks from all over the world would want to to read my words, that folks would pull a twenty from their bi-fold and buy my book. After countless dreaming I realized I would have to write it. It’s not gonna happen just thinking about it. I have many stories in my pocket, one would be the urge to write graffiti. I wrote graffiti in New York but then I said I painted graffiti. I was using my artistic talent and I was drawing my signature font. Back then we didn’t call it a font. The word font came from using a computer, years later. Telling a story is about painting a picture from my mind. It tells a picture and I write that picture with the intention of painting it in your mind.

I never got arrested painting graffiti because I was way to clever. One, I did it at night. I think that’s a no-brainer. Two, I was very careful that no one was around when i pulled the pain can and three I would paint a quick logo that would take less than a minute so i would high tail it outta there without being seen.

As years go by and I got to the age I am now, writing words on a notebook at a picnic table on the side of a river is way much easier and I can take my time. It’s a holiday today and these small town by the river is a getaway for the people who enjoy the afternoon stroll or the restaurant goers, coffee shop poets and the folks that sit around and talk.

It has rained for three weeks and this holiday afternoon, the sun has peeked out giving the gift of warmth and dry ground fo the folks to stroll. Today is my day to pull out the canvas and paint but here I sit on the side of the river with my pen in hand, my notebook pages being filled writing a few words of graffiti.

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