Poetic Wisdom

Poetic Wisdom
A Lunchtime Poem By David Morgan
September 5, 2018

I was Inspired by an invitation to read QAnon website. Shortly afterwards, I took a lunchtime ride to the coffee shop with my little brown journal and pen. I call it a poem but it’s not written in poetic verse, rhyme or meter. In fact it’s not a poem in any traditional sense but I still call it a poem. It’s a freakin’ poem!”

The next adventure of this poem was having a friend read it before I published on this blog. The question to me after she read it: “What is your intention to the reader? What are you doing here for the reader?” My answer came out very quickly and easily,  “I want the reader to think!”

Stratospheric Wisdom
You have to hear me out on this analogy before you make a judgement opinion about this quintessential debate. If you hang out in a barbershop long enough you probably will get a haircut. If you hang out in a coffee shop you’ll eventually start sipping coffee. If you start to read the bible every day you might start to believe in Jesus. If you are reading QAnon — then, “Stratospheric Wisdom”. Something way way out there.

It’s like the belief that Nelson Mandela torched a cross on a Mississippi farm back in the last century. Or white people from a suburban New York town walk on hot coals in their bare feet in their backyard at night believing they are the power greater than everyone else.

Logical Wisdom
If you can define integrity without googling it right now OR google the word integrity and give its definition. Whichever you choose you’ll be defining your own integrity.

Persevering Wisdom
Sitting back on a recliner waiting for a miracle to happen OR struggling through the hard work with sweat rolling down your forehead and then give up five minutes before the miracle happens OR following through the hard work and then watching the miracle unfold before your eyes. NOW, ask yourself,  “How do I persevere”?


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