A Scene On The Train

A snippet from a novella that started as a blog but I just kept writing. Sophia and Jon are the two main characters and in this scene they are on board a train to . . . a city in Europe… Enjoy!


People moved about freely. Our conductor arrived to check our passports. A peculiar gentleman I thought. He was unshaven with bloodshot eyes. He wore a checkered shirt and a wrinkled bow tie. His shirt looked as though he spilled his morning coffee and a pony tail slipped out of his cap.  “Guten Morgen. Passports Please!” He sounded German and he smelled of whiskey. I handed him my passport.

“Ahh, an American? huh!”

“Yes I am.”

“I think you should check-in at the American Embassy when you arrive in Paris” As he smashed my passport with his stamp.

“Why? Is there something wrong?”

The train made a quick jolt forward and the conductor stumbled, his ink and stamp jumped out of his hand, his cap flew into Sophia’s lap and when he landed into an adjacent seat he took a bite of his own lip. Sophia handed him his cap and then he proceeded to find his stamp. Sophia asked if he was okay and he said “I’m fine, I’m fine!” He stood up and proceeded back to my question and now he was annoyed.

“Why would you think there is something wrong!!? It is customary to recommend the American Embassy to American’s. I wouldn’t recommend The Russian Embassy! Would I? You see?! Is there something wrong? With you? Maybe!”

6 thoughts on “A Scene On The Train

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