Easy Does It Podcast

The moment I introduce “The Easy Does It Podcast” to the Curtis Street blog is confirmation of a moment I was future thinking back in time. I never thought it would come to be.

So, without further ado let me introduce you to the Easy Does It Podcast Show! Starring myself and my wife Mary. And yes we are currently on Spotify! The next step is to get our show on iTunes, Stitchers and others like it.

Sound! The idea of podcasting. “Sound check, can you hear me now?” We had an idea a few months ago to create a podcast show. I sat on the concept, didn’t give it much thought but it was lollygagging around until we brought it to fruition.

What a transformation altering our home office,  our art studio, into a recording studio. Studiodm has really come alive. Microphones, booms and audio interfaces and let me not forget the headphones and the cords, the mic cords and plugins, boom stands, yesss yes a recording studio! Pretty neat for this Curtis Street blog.

We plan to add a navigation link to the top of this page that reads Easy Does It Podcast. It will bring you to another page on the blog that will have links or RSS feed to all the episodes, so please be on the lookout for it.

The podcast will be a series of episodes about living life a day a at a time with guest speakers from time to time with a little comedy yet serious about living a good life.

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