Starting a Podcast 101


My latest endeavor was to start a podcast and it wasn’t my idea. Yet, once I started there was no stopping or holding me back. The question that came to mind and I’m sure through most people’s minds, is how to get started. It wasn’t much a dilemma for me as I always tinkered with digital audio from back in the Napster days. The concept was logical and came easy to me. But I thought about those folks that don’t have an engineering background like I do, so I am giving a simple set of ways to get started.

This is how I got started. My first thought was equipment. I knew I needed a microphone and recording software for my laptop. I also knew I needed a website and/or a place to host my MP3s. Google search was next. There was tremendous amount of discovery. Being that I have been in Web Development since the late 90’s I knew and heard about podcasting and never thought about doing it. I also knew it was around for a while. The big discovery for me was it had become a very popular trend. In fact it was easy to get started. Anyway, I have outlined a list, in order, of everything I did to get it going.

What I knew is that the podcast was going to be hosted by myself and my wife and occasionally I would interview someone, therefore the I would need at least 3 microphones. Also I wanted to do this on a low budget. After searching around the web this is what I found I needed:

  1. Microphones
  2. USB Audio Interface (to plugin multiple microphones)
  3. Microphone Chords
  4. Headphones
  5. Recording Software

The good news is the recording software is FREE. Audacity Audio recording software is a free download. I shopped around for all the other recording hardware and wound up buying all the equipment on Amazon. I spent under $200 dollars and got all the equipment I needed for 3 microphones and 2 sets of headphones and the audio interface.

From all the searching around for finding the right place to host my podcast I came across quite a few. Most have free trials, so i tried them and found a few that are free. I have compiled a list that i use:

  1. Buzzsprout: This is free with limitations, however as you grow you can upgrade to $12 per month. Buzzsprout is what I use today and compared to other services I think it is great. They also help you get on Spotify, iTunes, Stitches and a few other podcast environments.
  2. This is entirely free and has some great features like recording right from your account dashboard. They have an app which you can do more than on the website. They also help you get on Spotify and iTunes plus alot more. I chose to use this as a back up to buzzsprout, so I use this too.


This is important. The artwork, the concept and the title of your podcast is how you will present yourself to the world. The artwork you choose has to be a standard size 1400X1400 pixels or 2800X2800 pixels. This seems to be the industry standard.

This is big and most time consuming. I am currently using social media to get the word out. Facebook, my personal profile and my fan page. Instagram and Twitter and lets not forget my personal blog, The one your reading from right now. On Facebook I joined a few closed groups that are of the topic we talk about and I joined a group called “The Podcast Movement”. Plus I joined group on Facebook. I put in most of my time during the week posting and engaging to get the podcast out there. But it seems to be working. I have listeners!!!

Easy Does It Podcast
After 3 weeks of marketing, five 20 minute episodes and I have gotten listed so far on iTunes, Spotify acast and and more to come. My sixth episode which is coming this weekend, will be the first episode that I wrote  entirely before recording. We will see how that goes.

My listings to date






Curtis Street


If you are deciding to start a podcast I would say DO IT! It has been so much fun and has given me happiness and keeps me close to Mary, my wife. Please ask any questions you may have.

Happy Podcasting,

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