Another Curtis Street Christmas

Introduction: T’was the night before the start of a new Holiday Season.  A Happy season full of songs of chestnuts roasting, eggnog cheer and I get frazzled and dazzled when it gets to be that time again. Also time to write a new blog post. Never knowing where to start. All I know it’s “time” to write a post. Christmas came early this year at our house. I have to say I am grateful but the escalation of my spirit has been somewhat challenged .

God’s plan not mine: My gratitude has never been tested as it has been done to this day. Like a gratitude list I have marked down the escalation of my bewildered spirit, definitely not of the Christmas kind. I ask you to be patient as the ghost of Christmas fright has bloodied my fingernails and the story might get long due to excessive keyboard slamming.

Lets Start

The car! It was just a few short weeks ago on a simple ride across town and into the country side that we rode in my wife’s car. We arrived at a ranch and it was evening. we spent a half hour doing a little business and then it was time to ride back but the car refused to start. Several hours later and hopeless jumps I threw my hands up and gave up. We were stranded. Lucky for us someone offered us a ride. We left the car behind. The next day and a tow into town, the mechanic says you need a new starter and of course lets not forget the 20 mile tow. I held back on my grizzly roar as my wife grabbed my hand. “Okay lets fix it” How will I ever manage I thought. “Note *Christmas Spirit at level 1.”

Thanksgiving Day. After two days of slaving over home made pies, breads and cranberry crisp, at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot join the rest of the family 75 miles away but I was in charge of grandson taxi and decided to bring the food anyway. 75 miles there and an immediate turnaround to do 75 miles back. Upon my return I braved the city in search of a Thanksgiving meal for me and my wife, just like the Marlboro Man. The only thing missing was driving snow. “Christmas Spirit Level reaching a healthy 3.”

The Very Next Day. I had the bright idea to fix the leaky kitchen sink faucet. “I can fix it” I told my wife. Hi ho, hi ho it was off to Loews I go. I got the new faucet and after I got it home I was able to unpack it from that thick, heavy plastic packaging without breaking it or losing any parts (after retrieving the bolt that rolled across the kitchen). I was so proud even before climbing under the kitchen sink. I carefully laid towels down as padding for my back. I Had my plumbers wrench ready and adjusted it to the pipe fitting. I made a turn with the wrench! It Loosened! I felt a gleaming smile on my face. I made another turn and SNAP! The pipe broke at the valve. The valve landed in my hand and water  gushed out the pipe in my face, through the cabinet and across the kitchen. I reached my hand in as to hold it with my finger and of course, it was the hot water. I quickly jumped up realizing I had to turn off the main water valve. I looked up and my wife was running through the house with her hands above her head. “Oh my God oh my God oh my God!” I ran to the main water valve which is in the lawn and I had to dig. After digging a couple of feet with my hands, I shut off the valve. I went inside the house and my wife was sweeping the water out through the back door. About an inch of water through the kitchen into the dining room. In the aftermath, I called a plumber. Christmas Spirit rose 2 and a half notches from yesterday.

A week goes by and everything is still dry. I woke up early on a Sunday morning. I went on my patio and the sky was clear, the birds were chirping and I took a deep breath of the crisp blue air. It was as serene as serene could be as I know it and I experienced it. I decided I would go across town to the cafe/bookstore and have a cappuccino and skim a few books or magazines. After that to the grocery store for a few things my wife needed for the kitchen. As I left for my little journey, my wife told me she was going to use the Jacuzzi. I left and said “enjoy your bath”. To the bookstore I went and enjoyed the cappuccino. I spent a little time at the grocery store and as I left my phone rang. It was my wife. She told me I should buy some redix (septic treatment). I said “redix? why?” she explained to me after she got out of the Jacuzzi and drained it, she went into the other bathroom only to find the other bathtub had filled with a green like sludge. And then she flushed the toilet and it overflowed. Then she heard gurgling from the pipes. I said “Ridix? we need more than ridix. The septic sounds clogged or something!” I rushed home as fast as I could. I inspected the drainage and septic. “Great! Holy smokes” I exclaimed. I had to call for emergency septic service as I thought this thing was gonna explode. They came out pretty quick. They opened her up and sure enough it was full. I needed full service including a power wash for the septic. Not to mention the bathtub cleanup, yikes! “Christmas Spirit Level reaches a whopping 8.5.”

I remain Grateful for the early Christmas gifts I received. A new starter for my wife’s Toyota. A new kitchen faucet with new pipe and valve, best of all an empty power-washed septic tank! “Christmas Spirit Level: 10.0″

Have a Blessed Holiday Season
-David and Mary


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