Comcast Finally Gives In

After I cut the cord 9 years ago, beating the prices of cable TV by streaming, Comcast brings it’s price for TV and internet LOWER than the price of internet alone! AND faster internet speed!! How could I not do it?! I am no longer a cord cutter.

Let me point out that I didn’t do this to get TV, I did this to get faster internet to work from home, it was cheaper this way. ALSO, after watching cable TV for 2 days, I find I don’t like cable TV. I prefer to stream what I like to watch on demand. So Netflix and other streaming On Demand networks are much better. Also let me point out that I didn’t purchase an online promo. I know an independent agent that pointed out to me that Comcast is Losing their customers and that I can have basically what i want as long as I buy at least basic TV. And last, my bill NOW, with faster internet and basic TV, is less than what I was paying for JUST Internet AND after the promo contract is up I will be paying about the same what I was paying before. I still won’t use the cable box for TV, I can’t stand broadcast TV.

What I like about Netflix is they have the best algorithm to determine what I like to watch OR what I’m interested in. It’s like going into to a book store and have the books of MY interest displayed right up front, with my name above the shelf, so I don’t have to browse the entire books store. Amazon is fast behind with their algorithm. Thanks to software engineers I may add. AND it’s only getting better.

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