The Power of Prayer Works

Our latest Podcast Episode of the same title: “The Power of Prayer Works!”

What’s new at the Art gallery? Mary and David touch on prayer and meditation and how it helps day to day life. Our friend picked up a drink.




The Power of Prayer Works

This just happened. The story goes…
Mary and I had to pickup this huge dresser that her daughter bought on Craigslist. The obstacles: The dresser was an hour away. The dresser was coming out of a second floor apartment and we had to carry it down two flights of “NARROW STAIRS” with a turn no less. I said “we can do it, I’ll just bring my dolly”. So we get there and the dresser was huge and the stairs were NARROW alright! I got the dresser on the dolly. Then I got it to the top of the stairs. I told Mary to hold the dolly from the handles and I would hold the dresser and go down ONE stair at a time! it worked. We went slow! BUT we couldn’t make the turn! NOWAY! Mary spurted out “Oh My God”! I said “Oh my God? Yeah, God we need your help! AND Then out of nowhere this 20 year old 6’2” guy with long curly hair appears and says, “You need a hand”? I looked at him for like a minute, he looked back and he asked again!! I was like “Yeah please”! Me and him picked it up got around the turn and down the rest of the stairs! I gave him a few bucks and said thats all I have and he said thats cool, thanks. Then he walked away!!! Coincidence? What do you think?



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