What do I do next

“Peter cast his net on the other side”, the fisherman. The pelican catches the fish for he has abundance, another fisherman. Me? I threw my net on the other side and I made a catch. It was not as fast as Peter’s story but it came to fruition yet it’s not the destination. But the story of faith came to me. Confident with integrity and perseverance my story continues, the only difference, a weight lifted from my shoulders.

The following paragraphs I wrote almost a year ago. A month after I wrote it, that company and myself parted ways and I moved on. I cast my net to the other side and the fish did not jump right in. My story grew faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Yea, in my mind it did… AND in my heart. My story will be posted in depth in coming days, weeks and/or months but lets start, before it ALL started.

January 2019:

As I look out the window into the day, I notice a routine of hustle and bustle,  the parked cars, the driving cars, the busy people and the strolling people. I glance upwards and I see the billowy clouds tucked into a grand spacious majestic blue sky. Jesus watches me as I pray in faith and ask “what do I do next?”

There is fear rattling my bones as the company, the job, that supports my family is not great, not good, not enjoyable not worthy of my presence. I deserve better. I have served them many years and they do not serve me back. Looking down the empty streets all the dreams were real. All the buildings, all the cars were just once a dream. I’m at the mercy of politics and silliness and unprofessional unorganized chaos. I ask you God “What do I do next?”

I Googled “God? what do I do next?” I came across a little story of the fisherman Peter. Peter, an expert fisherman, could no longer find and catch any fish. One day while offshore with his net and with no luck catching fish, he saw Jesus sitting by the shore. Jesus yelled out to Peter “Cast your net on the other side and you will find the fish”. Peter changed how he cast out his net. As soon as the net landed in the water the net became full, the weight of the fish was tipping his boat with abundance.

Not long after reading the story of Peter, my wife had called me at work. “I need you to come home right away!”

In your eyes:

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