A Curtis Street Christmas

Christmas in May? Well, no, but you can read the story any time.

Curtis Street

It was this story about two years ago that my fiance came over for dinner and a movie. The Christmas tree was decorated and lit up the living room, the couch ever so cozy and we both had warm friendly Christmas spirit. A Peaceful Night indeed.

Unbeknownst to me she unplugged the timer to the outdoor Christmas lights so she could charge her phone. No big deal really, I just didn’t know. The next night was not as peaceful. Fortunately for her she was not present. We did exchange text messages though. And this was the fire, the story:

“You unplugged my timer? Didn’t you?”

“Omg yeah I unplugged it…did I do something to it??!”

“You plugged it back in. The time was off and the lights didn’t go on. My neighbor was standing close to my driveway when I got home. I accused him of tampering with my lights…

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